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  • D
    Age of Adaline requires a more sophisticated audience. Ehem. Kidding. But seriously though, this movie caters to more intellectual-type people. Others will probably simply find it boring. And in some ways, it is. There was an almost monotony in the narrative that slants melancholic, and will not appeal to those who crave thrill. And there were a lot of plot holes, I think. Parts that weren't clearly elaborated, or character developments that didn't quite coalesce cohesively. But those who are able to appreciate movies like The Time-Traveler's Wife, or Broken Vow, and of course, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (though it simply cannot compare), would also appreciate this film. It was evenly paced and really full of charm. Just the little things here and there that make the gears in your mind turn and your butterflies in your stomach flutter. Also, Blake Lively was pure eye candy. (That one was for the dudes.) 3 stars. - iamnotfrodo

    The Age Of Adaline

    The Age Of Adaline - A woman becomes immortal following a strange accident. After decades of hiding ...
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