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  • It's a typical story of 2 people finding love in a different view BUT with a deeper meaning of moving on, finding love and self-appreciation. Pansamantagal follows Agnes (Gellie De Belen) whose trying to find herself in a secluded beach resort where also Leo (Bayani Agbayani) stayed and became friends with Lorena ( DJ Chacha) the resort staff and they find themselves discussing about their experience in life and exchanging point of views resulting a decision on what Agnes should do about her situation. It is a sad story but the happy joyful personality of the three character gave an outstanding color to the movie. You can see and feel the sincerity and true nature of their character and their real-life character which is very good. Bayani proves that he's not just a funny face and humor. Gelli showed a very natural of herself, transparent, nice acting. Dj Chacha however is a promising character actress that added spice and color in the movie, great job! I cried. I laughed hard in this movie. It was never boring. I found a lot of insights in this movie like, how waves and sands can never be together though they always meet, just like them, just like us, we always thought that we're meant for someone because we became familiarize with each other but we forgot to realize that we can't be together because that's how things really are. It's R-16 because of language, cursing, mentioning of the male outer genitalia and some mature humor. Not for people who don't tolerate these stuff. You won't appreciate it and you won't recommend the movie. I recommend the movie to those who are moving on from their past relationship, finding meaning of life, who are in depress mood, fan of Direk Joven and the actors. If you want some dirty jokes and laughs, you might appreciate this movie. Enjoy the movie.
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    Pansamantagal - starring: Gelli De Belen, Bayani Agbayani, Chacha Balba
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