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    Basic premise of the story for this installment might be silly and too contrived for some, but it's precisely the point of the film (and the novel on which the film is based): All characters in the film are dying to make sense "what lies beyond the wall". And sometimes, the answer to all such questions is the plainest of all explanations. There may not be enough action or exciting sequences (as compared to its "competitor" films like The Hunger Games, or The Maze Runner), but this film delivers one of the visually stunning scenes, a great ensemble of talented cast, and perhaps the most apt life lesson for young adults (who are, after all, the target market/audience of the underlying novels on which this film franchise is based): You cannot compartmentalize people into classes or categories as each human is unique and special.


    Insurgent - In a future where society is broken up into factions based on singular characteristics, ...
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