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  • "Underwater" attempts another formulaic sci-fi horror/drama premise-- characters looking for resources until a disaster strikes the facility not knowing something's about to eat them one by one so time's running out to return to safety. Think of "Alien" + "The Abyss" but with less tension and boring monster. True to its title, there are no land scenes, so expect the claustrophobic dark setting and shaky camera work. Probably the best moments were the cool slow-mo shots. A "survival movie" should invest on character development so the audience can give a damn to them hndi yung natapos na't lahat then you'd say "ay ganun lang ngyari sa kanya?". Tsaka yung role ni Kirsten Stewart (naka bra lang the whole time if not wearing the airtight suit) eh parang si Lola Flora ni Cardo Dalisay--laging itsurang nag-aalala! Hahah! CrackedHelmet.DrillingStation.SuffedBunny.


    Underwater - starring: Kristen Stewart, T.J. Miller, Vincent Cassel
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