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    The movie was actually super great. So great that you wouldn't want to get out of the cinema even 20mins after the movie has ended.This movie has showcased Kathryn Bernardo's undeniable superb acting talent and Daniel Padilla's full of soul acting trademark. The movie was written well by Carmi plus the fact that Inang is really a good story teller. Madadala ka talaga. Iyak, tawa, kilig. Yung tipong matino ka namang pumasok ng sinehan pero baliw kang lalabas. Dahil babaliwin ka talaga nila. This is the best KathNiel movie ever! (I still love SDTG tho)! To those haters who kept on commenting negative tho they haven't really watched the movie to begin with.. Hate all you want but you can't stop KathNiel from slaying box office. Hands down to KathNiel! Bravo!

    Barcelona: A Love Untold | ClickTheCity Movies

    Barcelona: A Love Untold - A young man still trying to get over a past love meets a young woman in B...
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