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    It could be better. Pacing is kinda slow but it does have some funny moments. It shows the victim mentality prevalent in the country. It can probably pass as a TV episode of Hiraya Manawari or any other fantasy telenovela on local TV but I think it's missing a depth and a profound lesson somewhere. At least it tried it's best to be a good movie. For what it's worth, the movie's best characteristic is it's visual poetry. ^_^ (Btw, could the indie movie industry pls remove English subtitles of Filipino movies shown in local cinemas? Buti sana kung Bisaya buong movie ok lang Filipino sub, kaso English sub p rin maski yun. Whew.)

    Pan De Salawal

    Pan De Salawal - It centers on a homeless girl who travels around the Philippines curing the afflict...
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