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    Overall, the movie was okay. I liked Jodi and Ian's part the most. It was light and simple but very affecting. I also liked Nova and Ronaldo's part even though it feels a bit rushed. Kim and Xian's part was focused more on Kim's life. Kris and Pokwang's parts just didn't work. Kris' part is mainly to give the movie a narrator. Pokwang's story had potential but she didn't seem desperate enough for love that she forgot she had her family's love all along. It was still good towards the end of the movie when everyone finds resolutions. It gives hope for love which I think everybody needs. I just think that because each part were given limited scenes, they should've focused on the point of the stories rather than having mini plots that don't matter in the end or doesn't have an effect on the audience anyway.

    All You Need Is Pag-Ibig

    All You Need Is Pag-Ibig - Several stories of people pursuing the goal of love.
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